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Reed-making video

Rough footage!


If you have a fairly fast connection, you should be able to view the following video clips. These will be improved and updated over the next few weeks, so check back for the latest versions.

The following approach to making a bassoon reed is intended for beginners. There are many other approaches that successful reed makers use. Whenever possible, I will add demonstrations of some of these other techniques.


Exacto knife method

Forming the tube

  • Fold cane [video]
  • Putting on wire 1 - clockwise twist method [video]
  • Add temporary helper wire [video]
  • Wrapping the tube with wet string [video]
  • Inserting the mandrel and forming tube [video]
  • Adding the third wire [video]
  • Adding the second wire [video]


  • First steps [video]
  • Tightening wires [video]
  • Wrapping with string - Turk's Head [video]
  • Sealing with Duco [video]

Finishing the reed

  • Fold down wires [video]
  • Measure and mark length [video]
  • Clip the tip [video] Reverse view [video]
  • Clip corners [video]
  • Open the tip [video]
  • Closing tip by squeezing second wire [video]
  • Check tip opening [video]
  • Inserting the plaque [video]
  • Scraping in the "thumbnail" [video]
  • Thinning the tip [video] Alternate view [video]
  • Scrape the other side [video]
  • Check the tip opening [video]

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