Recital Information

The spring recital will take place on Saturday, June 4. .It will be held in the chapel at Ginter Park Baptist Church on the corner of Laburnum Ave. and Brook Rd.

When you return your lesson request form, please include a check for $35.00 or $25.00 to pay for the studio accompanist for the recital. Laura Candler-White has again agreed to perform the accompaniments for all students (except pianists!). She will charge $35.00/person total for two rehearsals and the recital performance. Beginning wind students will pay $25.00 (see us if you are not sure which amount to pay). Each student is responsible for scheduling a rehearsal with Laura at her home. Laura’s NEW phone number is 339-6941.

It is important that you arrive on time for your warm-up. This is your opportunity to run through parts of your piece with Laura, tune, and for pianists to try the piano in the VCU Music Recital Hall. Students are encouraged to listen to other recitals. This is particularly important when students who play the same instrument as you are playing at another time! It is also a great opportunity to hear other instruments and other students from the area who are making music.

Recital time



1 pm

Recital 1 - Piano

12:15 pm

2:30 pm

Recital 2 - Beginning/Intermediate Winds

1:45 pm

4 pm

Recital 3 - Advanced Winds

3:15 pm


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