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Middle School minutes
Minutes from 2/3/2012 meeting


High School All-District Letter and Forms

Letter | Financial Form


District Meeting - February, 2008

High School Auditions

            Lee Davis 09-10     February 5-6-7

            Deep Run –Event                

                        Conductors- Brian Balmayes

                                             Jack Elgin

            2011-2012 – Atlee/Hanover??

Thursday night rehearsal – yes, productive

School representation if not in by audition

            Audition Host will check and handle

Concert Band Festival – John Sarvay – Hermitage

$4 50 each, please send info to John

Email names of possible for a list of judges

            include address/phone/email for contact

Judges – Stegner, Shaffer, Schoonover, Holley

Auditions – Pay for sight-reading and prepared music

Auditions up $1 00 weekend up $1 00

            Moved/sec     Yonkers, Rozecki

Snare Drum- LRoll – time limit

            Stay with 26 NARD Rudiments

Discussion of mallets, timpani, snare       in one room vs. 2 snare rooms for rudiments and sight-reading

Wind & Brass – check rotation of scales (if not rotation)

Jazz Band Festival – Huguenot

            2 nd week of April (11-12)

email Mr. Prentiss of your interests



District I Meeting:
2:00pm, February 2, 2007

Jazz Band: William Prentiss asked about it.

Discussion followed: lack of participation, what date

April 24: Huguenot HS


District Band Auditions: Calvin Sorrell King William HS Dec. 8, 2007

Duane Coston Lee-Davis HS 2008 & 2009

John McAlister Steward School 2010 & 2011

Motion to reinstate prepared piece for audition by Duane Coston.

Motion Passed.

District Band Event: Jan 31-Feb 2, 2008 Hanover HS

Feb 6-8, 2009 Atlee HS Jim Pennington

2010 Atlee HS Jim Pennington

2011 Deep Run HS Jaraun Ransome

2012 Deep Run HS Jaraun Ransome

If a weather situation occurs to cancel the scheduled event, the majority of directors are in agreement to schedule Monday, Tuesday or as soon as possible and close to the original scheduled date, and so as not to conflict with District Choral Event.

Festival: March 13-14, 2008 John Sarvay Hermitage HS

2009 John Sarvay Hermitage HS

2010 Jaraun Ransome Deep Run HS

2011 Jaraun Ransome Deep Run HS

JMU Feb 21 Wind Symphony 7pm at Hanover HS


February 27, 2007
“Directors:  please release these scores to the students as you see fit.  However, do not wholesale release this information to everyone.  Thanks to everyone who helped with auditions”

All-Virginia Band Audition Results | All-Virginia Orchestra Results

Fall, 2007

Greetings everyone!  All of the All-State information is on the V.B.O.D.A. website with the exception of the student eligibility commitment form.  Click here to download this form from this site.  DO NOT ALLOW STUDENTS ACCESS TO THIS DOCUMENT!  It is important that we maintain the integrity of the audition process and control who shows up at the audition.  It is upsetting when a parent arrives at the audition with a form and an ineligible student in tow. 

Additional information:

  • I will have hard copies of this information at the District Band event (Feb. 1-3) at Hanover High School
  • We will post the list of eligible students to this site after the district band weekend, and a list of directors who are willing to help our students prepare for their audition.  Please encourage your students to take advantage of this opportunity!
  • Please share this information with your orchestra directors.

As always, thank you for your efforts.  Good luck to your students!

-Allen Hall

Spring 2006?

Results of District Band Meeting:

-Due to exam conflicts, we will not be able to have Dr. Quincy Hilliard for next year’s district band. He will be contacted to see if he is available at a future date. (Passed with one opposed).

-Starting next year, district band will include a reading session Thursday evening from 6-9 P.M. Students with school conflicts (Thursday night only) will still be allowed to participate in the weekend. (Unanimously passed).

-We will begin using broadcast emails to inform directors of website updates as soon as the webmaster and district representative sort it out!

-District I will revise auditions to include the writing of a special set of standardized sightreading music for the event. (Unanimously passed). Anyone interested in serving on the committee please contact Allen Hall (


Year Auditions District Band District Festival
2006-07 King William H.S. Hanover H.S. Godwin H.S.
2007-08 King William H.S. Deep Run H.S. Hermitage H.S.
2008-09 Lee-Davis H.S. Varina H.S. Hermitage H.S.
2009-10 Godwin H.S. Henrico H.S. Atlee H.S.
2010-11 Godwin H.S. Farrington H.S. Atlee H.S.

Jazz Festival will be at Huguenot H.S. until Mr. Prentiss retires!

Guest Conductors List TBA

Thanks to everyone for a great event! See you at the next concert!

-Allen Hall

District I Instrumental Rep.

District I High School Band Festival
Judges List 

2002: Dave McKee, Jan Collins, Doug Armstrong, SR – Earl Shaffer

2003: Brantley Douglass, Corey Koch, Ricky Allgood, SR – Scott Lambert


2004:John Easley, Jack Elgin, Rick Reaves, SR – Jenny Ryan


2005: Andrew Loft, Steve Turner, David Webb, SR – Steve Conley