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Middle School District Band Event

February 1-3, 2018

MS - Holman MS (Danielle Yonkers, host/chair)



5:30pm-Students begin arriving at Holman Middle

6:00pm- Housekeeping rules/Introductions

6:10pm-Reading session with guest conductor

7:50pm-Final reminders for tomorrow




9:45am---Students begin arriving at Holman Middle


  Breaks and lunch (provided) throughout the day.

5:50pm--- Final reminders for tomorrow




8:45am---Students begin arriving at Holman Middle. Students should wear their concert clothes to school for the rehearsal, but may roll up sleeves and un-tuck shirts, etc. for comfort during rehearsal time.    

9:00am- Breaks and lunch (provided) throughout the day.

12:30pm--Load Busses depart for DRHS

12:45pm-Final Rehearsal & Concert Prep done by conductor on stage

1:45pm--- Doors Open



(Breaks are at the discretion of the conductors). *Please note:  Tardiness may result in a student being moved to the end of their section.  Failure to show up to a rehearsal will result in dismissal from the weekend's activities, and will jeopardize All-State eligibility. 


Please discuss rehearsal etiquette to your students so that they might represent District I to the best of their ability to these talented gentlemen.  Concert dress remains the normal "church clothes" standard.  Gentlemen need a buttoned shirt and tie, dress slacks, and dress shoes.  Young ladies should wear a dress, dress pants, or an appropriate length skirt (knee length or below) with a blouse or dressy top with dress shoes.   The New Kent MS/HS and New Kent County Codes of Conduct apply to all students while at New Kent High School.  A few highlights are:

  • No food or drink allowed in the rehearsal areas (water is allowed in the band room).
  • No hats worn inside the building.
  • No cell phones visible during the school day, and never on during rehearsals.
  • No iPods, or other personal music devices permitted during rehearsal
  • Atlee High School accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items

Please review V.B.O.D.A. rules and regulations as they pertain to eligibility and behavior. Students who are unable to be respectful and follow directions will be dismissed! Please contact me directly if you have any specific questions or concerns.