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Middle School Official District Band Audition Results - January 2018

Official results

He Estelle Moody MS
Mandeville MaryKate Pocahontas
Kim Ashley Tuckahoe
Bayliss Ashtyn Hamilton-Holmes M.S
Williams Breanne Oak Knoll
Stevenson Nate Pocahontas
Kim Yunsol Pocahontas
Zhang Katie Moody Middle School
Ding David Collegiate School
Tan Amanda Collegiate School
Severns Brynne Oak Knoll
Pritikin Ridhdi Pocahontas
Geist Tyler Chickahominy MS
McDaniel Shannon Quioccasin MS
Cabell Jack Liberty Middle School
Silvis Abby Hungary Creek MS
Wang Carson Moody Middle School
Zhang Edward Moody Middle School
Weakland Isaac Liberty Middle School
Eubanks Ben Pocahontas
Wenger Will Chickahominy MS
Angel Darian Stonewall Jackson MS
Prakash Sid Moody Middle School
Jebo Devon Tuckahoe
Hollister Katie Pocahontas
Habib Nazeed Moody Middle School
Hooker Spencer Pocahontas
Hicks Akira New Kent Middle School
Akins Olivia Chickahominy MS
Shupp Alex Pocahontas
Doran Jay Stonewall Jackson MS
Allen Henry Moody Middle School
Williams Elizabeth Hamilton-Holmes M.S
Xedos Aletheia Hamilton-Holmes M.S
Ashby Hyrum Moody Middle School
Arnold Ryan Moody Middle School
Owen Kathryn Chickahominy MS
Patel Riya Chickahominy MS
Artisan Brianna Oak Knoll
Brown Rhody Oak Knoll
Farmer Kendyl Moody Middle School
Pesquera Aiden Pocahontas
Marshall Waverly New Kent Middle School
Solomon Trey Steward School
Bass Clarinet
Sim Nick Pocahontas
Holloway Khia Moody Middle School
Davenport Colin Oak Knoll
Bb contra bass clarinet
Wooden Zachary Moody Middle School
West Lily Hungary Creek MS
Rose Gabriel Moody Middle School
Alto Sax
Lee Eugene Moody Middle School
Hendricks Jessica Oak Knoll
Nimonkar Chirayu Moody Middle School
Zhou Jerry Pocahontas
Alvis Nikki Hamilton-Holmes M.S
Zhou Eric Pocahontas
Tenor Sax
Clarke Jeremie Pocahontas
Clark Bennett Moody Middle School
Bari Sax
Wolfe Ian Pocahontas
Crafton Elizabeth Homeschool
Parker David Fairfield
Berrier Colin Pocahontas
Castle Sam Oak Knoll
Leskowyak Collin Chickahominy MS
Nowell Jake Pocahontas
Staggs Olen Hungary Creek MS
Wolpert Olivia Homeschool
Crafton Abigail Homeschool
Carter Gabby Hamilton-Holmes M.S
Leahy Tadhg Tuckahoe
O Brien Sean Oak Knoll
Smith Hunter Stonewall Jackson MS
Pickett Joshua Chickahominy MS
Kennedy Caraline Tuckahoe
Harvey Will Chickahominy MS
Huggins Daniel Oak Knoll
Porter Sam Moody Middle School
Tyler Michael Pocahontas
Brown Jacob Stonewall Jackson MS
McElwain Sean Hungary Creek MS
Demascio Sterling Oak Knoll
Houser Lyndsey West Point MS
Crafton Donald Homeschool
Phillips Jack Tuckahoe
Hamilton Andrew Pocahontas
Homan Frances Chickahominy MS
Gruca Cory Chickahominy MS
Konopka Branden Stonewall Jackson MS
Brown Austin Oak Knoll
Holland Grayson Tuckahoe
Fecko Gavin Pocahontas
Keneah Isis Holman MS
Anderson John Stonewall Jackson MS
Au Brian Hungary Creek MS
VanMeter Nathaniel Oak Knoll
Thomson Justin Pocahontas
Sanders Rhett Oak Knoll
Mackay Charlie Tuckahoe
Whealton Lucy New Kent Middle School
Gordon Ben Oak Knoll
Young Roscoe Liberty Middle School
Martinez-Avalos Yostin Brookland
Stone Ethan Pocahontas
Whiteman Jackson Holman MS
Puryear Kevin Moody Middle School
Kurz William Tuckahoe
Banton Macie Stonewall Jackson MS
Ray Jonathan Liberty Middle School
Woodhouse Matthew Collegiate School
Cameron Lydon Chickahominy MS
Morton Luke Tuckahoe
Joseph Hilda Moody Middle School
West Ameer Brookland
Magtoto Mig Moody Middle School
Henty Kyla Oak Knoll MS
Bland Ian Chickahominy MS
Witmer Lauren Tuckahoe
Van Himbergen Reece Tuckahoe
Korrapati Anvita Moody Middle School


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