Teaching Leave No Trace

Below are some resources for teaching LNT that I have found.

1.      For Cub Scouts, see page 151-152 of the Tiger Cub Handbook for the Leave No Trace Awareness Award and the Cub Scout Leave No Trace Pledge. Also see the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award (page 149). There are also activities in the Webelos Handbook.

2.      The two-page pdf for Cub Scouts lists the principles, or go the scouting.org website.

3.      One way to keep track of the requirements for the Cub LNT Award is with a worksheet.

4.      The one essential resource for every Cub leader is the Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide. See Tiger Den Meeting 5, Arrow of Light Den Meeting 3,

5.      The Delivery System: Year A gives program ideas, although I could not find any on LNT.

6.      The Delivery System: Year B gives alternative plans. See Meeting 7: Leave No Trace and Meeting 11: More Leave No Trace.

7.      The BSA Teaching LNT booklet is available on the web or in one 98-page pdf. This is more oriented to Boy Scouts and Venturers.

8.      What can Cubs do (and not do) outdoors? Look it up.

9.      The NevadaOutdoorSchool.org has 37 pages of Quick Activities for teaching LNT.

10.   The Utah’s Zion Council has some more ideas for teaching LNT to Cubs; a 22 page course from their University of Cub Scouting.

11.   A presentation—for teaching Adults.

12.   And, of course, go to the www.LNT.org website for hundreds of teaching resources. For instance “101 Ways to Teach Leave No Trace” and the “Leave No Trace Activity Guide.”  Also see the www.TreadLightly.org web site.

1. Tiger Cub Handbook

2. LNT handout for Cub Scouts

3. Cubs LNT Award worksheet

4. Meeting Resource Guide

5. Year A Cub Program

6. Year B Cub Program

7. BSA Teaching LNT

8. Outdoor Guidelines

9. Quick Activities

10. Utah Council

13.   Powerpoint

Keep it Simple; Make it Fun!

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