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MicroVAX/VAXstation Systems FAQ
Was maintained by Edward Austin, Computer Science, Uni of Liverpool
Now maintained by Jim Agnew, Neurosurgery, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, USA. (Yes, this FAQ done jumped the pond, thanks to Dave Shield of Uni of Liverpool who resurrected this for us all. Thanks, Dave!

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NEW!!! info-vax link updated...
NEW!!! VAXstation 3100 Model 76 Owner's Guide, from William Webb... Thanks, Chip!!!
NEW!!! TEXT-only FAQ, maintaned by R. D. Davis. Thanks, Bob!
NEW!!! DecusServe Journal of old VAX/MicroVAX/VAXstation Systems. Thanks, Brian McMahon!
She's a Beauty eh? reviver of DEC's flagging fortunes in the mid 80's and one of the most oustanding systems ever built, the classic MicroVAX-II (this one in a BA23 with an RX50, probably c'85 promo pic) CLICK ON PICTURE FOR A BLOWUP!!

This FAQ intends to cover the Digital MicroVAX/VAXstation range of systems produced by Digital from 1984 onwards - if any of you have any information to add, please mail me and I'll put it in. Thanks. My aim is to develop this into the primary source of info for all uVAX/VS lovers worldwide. My motivation to develop this FAQ was the fact that I found it virtually impossible to find information about my old machines (MicroVAX-II, VS-2000) and my current (3100/38) on the Web... I'd be immensely grateful if you have anything to contribute, lets help each other and make this worthwhile :-)

Please also feel free to mail me with comments/corrections on the page that sent you here.


At the moment this FAQ will attempt to cover the following processors/options:

The first generation 1984/85 ---------------------------- MicroVAX-I VAXstation-I (1984) MicroVAX-II VAXstation-II VAXstation-II/GPX (1985) VAXstation-II/QVSS (1985?) VAXstation-II/QDSS (1985?) VAXstation-II/RC (1985?) MicroVAX-3 VAXstation-3 (?) (1985?) MicroVAX-3+ (1985??)

MicroVAX-2000 VAXstation-2000 VAXstation-2000/GPX (1985) VAXstation-2000/MFB ('85?)

The second generation (3x00 series) 1986-1991 --------------------------------------------- (Including VS SPX/GPX options etc) MicroVAX-3100 VAXstation-3100 VAXserver-3100 (1987) MicroVAX-3100/10 VAXstation-3100/10 (1987) MicroVAX-3100/10e VAXstation-3100/10e (1987) MicroVAX-3100/20 VAXstation-3100/20 (1987) MicroVAX-3100/20e VAXstation-3100/20e (1987) MicroVAX-3100/30 VAXstation-3100/30 (1987) VAXstation-3100/38 (1987) MicroVAX-3100/40 VAXstation-3100/40 (1987) VAXstation-3100/48 (1987) MicroVAX-3100/76 VAXstation-3100/76 (1990) MicroVAX-3100/80 (1991) MicroVAX-3100/85 (1991) MicroVAX-3100/90 (1991) MicroVAX-3100/95 (1991) MicroVAX-3100/96 (1991)

MicroVAX-3200 (1987) VAXserver-3200 (1987) VAXstation-3200 (1987) MicroVAX-3300 (1987) VAXserver-3300 (1987) MicroVAX-3400 VAXserver-3400 (1986) MicroVAX-3500 VAXserver-3500 (1987) VAXstation-3500 (1987) VAXstation-3520 (1987) VAXstation-3540 (1987) MicroVAX-3600 VAXserver-3600 (1987) VAXserver-3602 (1987??) MicroVAX-3800 VAXserver-3800 (1987) MicroVAX-3900 VAXserver-3900 (1987)

The third generation (4x00 series) 1991- ---------------------------------------- VAXstation-4000 VLC (Model 30) (1991) VAXstation-4000/60 (1991) (Current Model) VAXstation-4000/90 (1991) VAXstation-4000/90a (1991) VAXstation-4000/96 (Current Model) MicroVAX-4200

Note there is a *lot* of relevent information in the info-vax archives however as yet I can't find any way of searching the massive amounts of stuff there - But I'll keep looking... it looks promising.
MicroVAX/VAXstation General Info

Relative Performance of VAX/MicroVAX/VAXstation Systems 1977-1994

What would be a decent home starter system?

Approximate Values of some Systems and Options

Moving cards around QBUS systems (MicroVAX-II -> 3400) and our experiences of doing it...

MicroVAX/VAXstation Memory options

SCSI Interface for QBUS Product details (external link)

MicroVAX spd28-16-01.html, Diagnostic Monitor SPD ***IS NO LONGER AVAIL.***

Performance comparisons between MicroVAX-II and 2000

MicroVAX-2000/3100 Communication Controllers details

Misc popular questions/answers from Prof. Dave Miller of Bemidji State Uni.

Musings on the early -II development by Ed Bailey as well as some VS2000 stuff

MicroVAX/VAXstation-2000 specifics

MicroVAX-2000/VS-2000 Technical Specs and Misc stuff

More detailed specs on the 2000 from CrazyCam, DECUS Australia..

Peter CoghlansRX23 driver for a MV/VS-2000

SCSI disks via the 2000 SCSI tape expansion box?

MicroVAX-2000 asynchronous multiplexer spec sheet

MicroVAX 2000/VAXstation 2000 "dd2000.html" Diagnostic Package details *** ARE NO LONGER AVAIL ***

Blurb about Interfacing a 2000 with a 3400

MicroVAX-II/VAXstation-II specifics

Adding additional drives to a MicroVAX-II

A problem I had with a dead MicroVAX-II she don't boot!! :-(

THE GPIB Interface for MicroVAX-II details (external link) *** IS GONE ***

MicroVAX-3100/VAXstation-3100 specifics

MicroVAX 3100 40/85 infosheet from Digital Apr 95

MicroVAX 3100 30/40/80/90 Systems And Options Catalog Feb 94

Interfacing a third party SCSI drive to your 3100 Q/A

VAXstation serial pinouts

Design of the MicroVAX-3100/90 from the Digital Technical Jnl 4/3 1992

MicroVAX-3xxx/VAXstation-3xxx specifics (other than 3100..)

What is a VAXstation 3520 exactly?


A big picture of a MicroVAX-II (vintage '85)!!

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