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> I have a MicroVAX II (BA23) with a RQDX3 controller and an RD54 drive.  We 
> have an RD52 drive from a VAX 8550 console, and we want to use the RD52 in the 
> MVII.  We switched the drive select jumper from DS1 to DS3, and we put it in 
> the MicroVax.  When the machine boots, DUA1 shows up.  However, SHOW DEV
> DUA1:/FULL responds with:
> Disk CVRC$DUA1:, device type RD51, is online, file-oriented device, shareable,
>     served to cluster via MSCP Server, error logging is enabled.

  RQDX3's consider anything that isn't formatted the way they like to be an
RD51. It's a safe guess - it's the smallest drive. Looks like your RD52 came
out of a Pro, which has its own format.

> When I try to mount or init the device, it responds with:
> %MOUNT-F-FORMAT, invalid media format -or-
> %INIT-F-FORMAT, invalid media format
> which seems to imply that the device needs to be formatted.  What do I need to
> do in order to format this device?  Please note that there is nothing of value
> on this disk.

  You need to format it with the Field Service version of MDM (not the "Cus-
tomer Diagnostics", which stupidly can only format an already-formatted drive).
You could also use a VAXstation 2000's built-in formatter (TEST 70? 73? some-
thing like that) or a PDP-11 with an RQDX3 running the ZRQC formatter program
from XXDP.

> Also,  The control panel only has Write Protect & Ready switches for fixed
> disk 0.  I have heard that I must have a RQDXE Expander Module to add another
> RD5x drive (putting the second RD5x drive in the expansion enclosure).  Is this
> true?  If this is required, why are there ports for fixed disk 0 and fixed 
> disk 1 in each box?  It seems like the enclosure supports up to two fixed disks.

  It's an incomplete design. To get proper function from the second set of
drive connectors in there, you need the BA23-UC six button control panel up-
grade (at $219), or you need to solder some pullup resistors onto the existing
control panel. Note that the BA23's power supply can't handle 2 full-height
disk drives in most configurations. You can use long cables to bring the 2nd
disk lines out to an external box, or you can use the RQDXE and a RD5x-D-series
enclosure to mount the drive. The RQDXE doesn't get you everything you need -
you still need the D-series box.

  If you can afford it, I'd toss the RD drives completely and put in either a
used ESDI system (I have a VS3200 system in a BA123 with a Webster ESDI con-
troller and 3 760MB drives) or get a SCSI controller from CMD and a new SCSI
drive. Either of these solutions will be a lot faster and far more reliable
than the ST506-series drives. Of course, this probably isn't reasonable for a
hobby system.

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