The DHT32 is an 8-line asynchronous multiplexer for the MicroVAX 2000, 
application compatible with the DHQ11. It provides data-only transmission at 
speeds up to 38.4 Kb/s, and allows eight additional terminals or peripheral 
devices to connect to the MicroVAX 2000 system. With the three non-modem lines 
and one modem line available on the MicroVAX 2000, a total of 12 asynchronous 
lines can be connected to the MicroVAX 2000 system. (A ``network'' solution, 
including DECserver 200 via 802.3/Ethernet, is appropriate if more asynchronous 
lines are required.)

The DHT32 supports the EIA-423-A standard. Terminals requiring EIA-232 
connections can use an adapter. Cables that connect directly to terminals or 
printers are not provided as part of this option.

Note: The DST32 and the DHT32 (8-line asynchronous communications option) are 
mutually exclusive, and only one can be installed in a system. If more than 
four asynchronous lines are required, customers can add terminals using Digital 
terminal servers. For synchronous communication to an IBM host, an alternate 
method is to use a DECnet SNA Gateway.


o 8-line, asynchronous, terminal-expansion option gives MicroVAX 2000 a 
total capacity of 12 asynchronous lines. 

o Performance approximates the MicroVAX II systems with DHQ11 
asynchronous controller.

Software Support

VMS and ULTRIX operating systems.


Mounting Space				Daughter-boarded to the system module; 
					driver/receiver board located in the 
					expansion adapter

Power Requirements			

dc amps drawn at 5 Vdc			1.5 A
dc amps drawn at 12 Vdc			0.70 A
dc amps drawn at -12 Vdc		0.12 A

Bus Loads				Private bus architecture (one F-type 
					logic board)

I/O Connection Panel Inserts		Located in opening C in the expansion 

Environmental Class			B with modified relative humidity 
					(operating) of 10 to 90% (no diskette 
					system), and 20 to 80% (diskette in use)

DHT32 Order Codes

Option							Order Code

8-line asynchronous controller includes serial line 	DHT32-AA
logic module, serial line driver/receiver module, 
34-way internal ribbon cable, external 7.5-m (25-ft) 
data cable, and 8-line data cable concentrator (H3104)