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Department of Physics

Virginia Commonwealth University

Ph. D. University of Chicago 2004

M.S. University of Chicago, 1999

B.A. Earlham College, 1998

1020 W. Main St.

Richmond VA 23284

My name is Arthur Reber and I am a postdoc working with Professor Shiv Khanna at the Virginia Commonwealth University. My research revolves around the reactivity of clusters, and the search for motifs which lead to cluster assembled materials. I have used theoretical method to identify chemically stable clusters, identify counter cations which more effectively stabilize anionic clusters, and have demonstrated the correlation between gas phase studies and solid state cluster assemblies. What is exciting about cluster assembled materials is that the properties of the resulting materials may vary depending on the cluster size, geometry, and way in which the cluster is stabilized. I will study the effects of electronic structure, and reactivity of these materials to identify potential uses. For these potential advances to be realized a better understanding of the properties and methods of stabilizing clusters in real materials.

Arthur Reber's email Acreber@vcu.edu

Photo credit James Reber

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